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Celebrating NYE – Mama stylee

31 December 2008

It’s Sydney. Great weather. New Year’s Eve. Young people are dressed up ready to have a great time and what am i doing? Back from the 9pm family friendly fireworks (which lasted all of 8 minutes) and already in my pyjamas, drinking some coca-cola so that I can stay up till midnight to watch the midnight fireworks on TV. But even that might not happen. I just may fall asleep before then. I blame it on my kids of course. But  it’s not them. It’s me. I could hire a babysitter and go out and paint the town red but all I can think of is that the streets will be so crowded, the transport situation so painful and that my bed and home are so much more comfortable. I am not above a late night, but it really has to be worth it. & not require too much effort! I wonder if this is just called getting old?


Wannabe photographer

29 December 2008

I can’t take good photos but I really want to. I’m thinking of taking some classes. Get up to speed with the technicalities of photography. So that i know the theory at least. But  really… not sure that will do me any good. I’m not being self-deprecating but I really don’t think I have the ‘eye’ for composing good photos. With such self-awareness, one would have thought that the decision to buy a top-of -the-range digital camera vs. a perfectly acceptable point and shoot would not have been so torturous. But I called every electronics retailer. I GRILLED the digital camera guys on the pros and cons of both cameras. I regaled them with tales of how I have used my camera to date and insisted that they make a recommendation. The thought process went like this: the point-and-shoot was good, the best in its category. Comes in funky colours even. But i WANT to take better photos. I might NEED a better camera. What if taking good photos can be learnt and I regret not getting the better camera. Then I called my husband and asked for his opinion. He pretty much decided it for me. He said – ‘You know me… I’d buy the more expensive, better camera. Take classes, take good photos. BUT, BUT, BUT, you’re a klutz. You’re going to destroy this camera like you’ve ruined the last one. Go with the cheaper one. DEFINITELY.’  Oh ye of little faith. Or does he just know me very well??

I salute thee my ex-neighbours.

28 December 2008

Our old neighbours dropped by today. They live in Melbourne now and are in Sydney for a holiday. What a good time we had. & how not to have a good time when you’re in the company of an Englishman and his Scottish wife. We considered going out but abandoned the idea for some good old-fashioned staying at home and getting drunk instead.  Yes, we got some dips, some smoked trout, some crackers and some cheese, but we really settled into the wine. Yes, I’m drunk as  I type this. & we managed this with 3 kids out on the prowl as well. I don’t do this enough. I might regret it tomorrow. But for now, it’s a good thing. I so wish that they still lived here, across the hall. Isn’t it great to have neighbours that you really get on with. That you vibe with. That you can talk about so many things with. That you can call family. When you are an international nomad, to find a good neighbour is a special treat. But to be drunk, after a special day together…it’s just sweet.

Orange or, in fact, a yellow mama?

27 December 2008

I would find it absolutely hilarious if anyone actually read this blog. But if you’re reading it, welcome to my world.

I am an orange mama. Why? Because my 3.5yr old said that I was definitely an orange colour (alas – she could not explain why) My husband thinks I am a yellow.  His analysis is more well thought out. Researched even. Apparently yellow stands for joy, pureness, brightness, sunshine. On the flip side, it also means cowardice. He thought the meaning of yellow in its entirety was so apt for me. But really – I am not a coward. Not by everyman’s definition. But my husband, the man of extremes, believes that if you don’t take a black & white, out-there stance on a topic/subject matter/opinion, then you are not committing to a position and are therefore a coward. What kind of definition of cowardice is that???

Anyway, I thought blogging might be fun. But I’m not sure I’m ready to really ‘out’ myself to the world yet. So no pictures yet. No names. No way of knowing who I really am. Except that I’m an orange mama.