Buying and selling and moving

So I haven’t really been around. The blogging thing didn’t quite take off. But I’ve been busy – really. Planning to rent a house, which morphed into planning to buy a house, which became a reality when we bought a house. Which led in turn to selling a house. & now we’re planning the move into the house. So in short, it’s been busy.

More importantly though, I think we’ve been lucky. EXTREMELY so. Or maybe we’re just astute. Really savvy real estate types (haha – not really). There is a global economic recession going on. Which means that house prices have fallen drastically in Australia and interest rates have also plummeted to an affordable level (affordable for us at least). So unfortunately we’re benefitting where others are suffering. But the price we got our house for is really unbelievable. It was a steal. & it was a private sale – we bought the house of a friend’s dad who is on the cusp of retiring and needed the cash. The house is small, but the location is beyond prime! A minute from the main drag of shops & restaurants and the same distance to the local primary school that boasts an excellent reputation.

And the apartment we sold? Got it at our asking price. A price that even our estate agent thought was ambitious, but one that I insisted on. Because I believed we needed to start high in order to give ourselves the chance to come down in price, should we need to. & no sale would be fun (in hindsight of course) without a bit of drama. A prospective purchaser made an offer below our asking price, subject to his bank valuation of the property. But the bank’s valuation came back about $50,000 below his offer!! But he still wanted the apartment and so still made an offer but this time reduced his offer by $20,000. We needed to buy our house and were almost going to accept but said that we’d hold off any decision-making until one more viewing. & that very Saturday we got our golden offer at our asking price. Tell me that is not lucky!

Anyway, so all is set in stone. We’re moving next month and there might be silence till after we move. But it’s all happening and I’m excited!


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