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My Suzani

26 September 2011

Bear with me – this will be my last word on suzanis (for a little while at least). Just wanted to say that my chair obsession led me to buy my own suzani. Ebay has loads. Slight problem though…the bloody internet distorted the colour!! So I’ve basically spent a lot of money on something I didn’t really want :-(. It’s not all bad. The design I liked is still there. And most of the colours are true. BUT I thought I’d be getting a white background. Instead it’s beige!!! That’s a HUGE difference! Let me try and explain it a little better:

This is what I thought I was getting:

Please tell me the background doesn't look white to you...

But this is what I received…

A DECIDEDLY beige background!

A close-up just so that there’s no confusion!

Suzani close up so you can see that it is definitely beige!

Don’t get me wrong…I still like it. But I LOVED the picture that I literally bought into!! This has taught me one thing though…next time I go shopping for suzanis, I’m going directly to Uzbekistan. I’m not kidding either…maybe next year…(the fact is that travelling through Central Asia has always been on my bucket list)

Anyway, in the meantime, I have to decide what to do with it. It’s certainly not big enough for any upholstery work (i.e. for a suzani chair), so maybe I’ll use  it as a wall hanging. It comes with straps on the top end of the suzani, which I imagine were placed there from when it probably did hang up on a yurt!! Knowing me, it’ll take me another year to get it up. Rest assured, when the suzani is up in my house in all it’s glory, I’ll post a picture here!


More about chairs

25 September 2011

At the risk of being totally boring, I just want a few more words about chairs. Firstly, since I’m sharing the love, I might as well show you a couple more chairs that I’m loving. This time they’re in Ikat prints. Yes, yes – also on trend. I’m not necessarily a trend-chaser, but what can I say? These current trends are doing it for me!  So here goes…what do you think?

This style of chair is a great alternative to a wingback - I don't know if there is a name for it though!

I have a thing for colour, so this one appeals as well!

Anyway, I’m more partial to the suzani chairs but what about you – suzani or ikat? I know there’s a danger of these prints going off-trend and totally dating my room, but the thing is, as mentioned before,  it’s not the trend I’m chasing –  I just love the prints. By the way, anyone catching my design drift? I love ethnic – a collection of art and pieces from around the world (ideally personally collected). It’s as much about the aesthetic as it is about the story behind it…

Many moons later…

24 September 2011

More than a full year later, I’m back. All that I have to say has been sadly eaten up by my busee busy-ness. And I do mean the pun. Because the good news is that at least one of my ‘plans’ has come into fruition. I did start my online business and it’s been running for just over a year! So I’ve graduated from being only a ‘MUM’ , sidestepped being a ‘housewife’ and am a full-fledged SUPERWOMAN. Wishful thinking of course. Any working woman will know that there is no such thing as a ‘superwoman’ (just a woman who tries really hard and is probably failing at almost all of them – not to be overly pessimistic or anything). But I digress…the fact is that I am now officially an entrepreneur (plus mum, plus housemaid, plus driver, plus chef of course).

In order to continue maintaining my anonymity, I will not put my website address on here (and thereby potentially missing a search engine optimisation opportunity – haha – look at me talking such sophisticated online marketing speak!!) but I am incredibly proud of myself for starting up the business, for doing so well in my first year and trying hard to rack my brains and busting my gut to try and make sure I don’t sink in this terrible retail slump climate!  The main thing I wanted to say about the business is that….I’ve done it!

And about my other plans…the round the world trip…still on the cards. Still getting horribly distracted every once in a while while I work and re-work the itinerary. But I’ll save many millions of other posts on that topic till later.

What I did want to talk about is this : suzanis…I am in LURVE! For those who don’t know, suzanis are embroidered textiles from the Central Asian region (mainly Uzbekistan). I should point out that while suzanis are traditionally passed down as part of wedding trousseaus and used to decorate yurts (yes yurts!), in the West, they’re used for upholstery, wall hangings, as bed spreads etc.. They’re all the design rage in the US, but in Australia…not so much. So there aren’t many shops here to feed my obsession, so I’ve done what any good suzani lover would do and turned to the internet. And these are some examples that I’ve found – that i am positively COVETING.

My absolute favourite. It's not for sale but if it was, I'd order it from the US - no matter the cost!!

This is available to buy in the UK but I really wanted a wingback. If anyone knows where to buy this fabric, let me know!!

This upholstery fabric IS available to buy but it's probably my least favourite of the 3.

so what do you think? wouldn’t you love one or two of these in your house??