More about chairs

At the risk of being totally boring, I just want a few more words about chairs. Firstly, since I’m sharing the love, I might as well show you a couple more chairs that I’m loving. This time they’re in Ikat prints. Yes, yes – also on trend. I’m not necessarily a trend-chaser, but what can I say? These current trends are doing it for me!  So here goes…what do you think?

This style of chair is a great alternative to a wingback - I don't know if there is a name for it though!

I have a thing for colour, so this one appeals as well!

Anyway, I’m more partial to the suzani chairs but what about you – suzani or ikat? I know there’s a danger of these prints going off-trend and totally dating my room, but the thing is, as mentioned before,  it’s not the trend I’m chasing –  I just love the prints. By the way, anyone catching my design drift? I love ethnic – a collection of art and pieces from around the world (ideally personally collected). It’s as much about the aesthetic as it is about the story behind it…


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8 Responses to “More about chairs”

  1. Susan Says:

    LOVE, LOVE the picture of the Suzani wing back chair. I have 2 chairs that I have been totally exhausted over. When I saw your comments and colors…….I said that’s it !

  2. Cathleen Says:

    where is the navy ikat chair from??

  3. Orangemama Says:

    Cathleen – sorry for the delayed response! The chair was done by a company called Ruby Star Traders but is very old and they probably don’t have anymore. They have the same chair in different designs though.

  4. Michelle Says:

    In love with your style I’m looking for a navy and magenta wing back chair.

    • Michelle Says:

      In love with your style I’m looking for a navy and magenta wing back chair.
      Is the blue and white chair for sale ;0)

  5. Audrey Hall Says:

    I know this is from two years ago, but does anyone know the name the name of this fabric pattern or design house? I’m crazy Ian love with it and want it in my home!

    • Orangemama Says:

      Audrey – the first is an ikat print and the second – suzani print. Both from Ruby Star Traders in Australia. Not sure if they are available anymore!

      • Audrey Hall Says:

        Thank you SO much for your courteous reply! I must admit, I didn’t expect one, and certainly not so expeditiously! I looked up Ruby Star Traders and it’s not looking good to get the fabric or chair (prob not for my tight budget either- i.e. I cut my own hair). Where is this chair now? As a mom who doesn’t do anything for herself, I want this chair to for myself to remind myself to take a daily break. Could you help me again please??

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