Girls Bedroom

My baby is 4.5 yrs old and still in a cot! Yes, I know, I know!! So we’re going to buy her a bed. But because she has to share a bedroom with her big sister and there just isn’t that much room in their tiny bedroom, we have no choice but to have a hideous L-shaped layout for their room. (& no, bunkbeds wouldn’t have worked because the ceiling is low and we have a fan). Which means – ugly layout, no pretty bedside tables and mismatched beds (we can’t have the same beds, as baby girl’s bed needs to have underbed storage,  seeing how the existing chest of drawers in the room has to be banished). In other words – boo hoo!

Anyway, so this is more or less what the room looks like now:

An old picture of the girls' room pre-chest of drawers and new carpets. But chest of drawers are ugly, so you're not missing much!

And these are some of the ideas I’ve had to TRY and pretty up the room…

We’re going to paint some wide stripes onto the wall and paint the cupboard doors.  Something like this:

We'll go for something a little less pink...more mauve-y. Contrast it with a cream.

We’ll create these wonderfully cheap and cheerful Ikea spice rack book shelves. Something like this:

We'll paint ours to match our room decor.

And we’ll find some matching bed linen for both the girls beds. Now, here’s where I ran into a small glitch. I don’t seem to like the kids’ bed linen around. Plus it’s hard when the younger one still likes everything Dora related and ALL things pink, while the older one is getting too cool for school and only BLUE will do!

But the grandest problem of all – what I decided I like is crazeeee expensive. The wonderfully vibrant (but in my humble opinion still kid-friendly) Otomi textile from Mexico. Available in Australia from Table Tonic. And if you’ve clicked on the picture then you’ll see what I mean about the prices!

For the girls room, I'd love a pink and teal or turquoise version.

But to my utter delight, I came across Spoonflower, where you can create your own custom fabric or buy other people’s custom creations – isn’t that the most fantastic idea?? Anyway, there’s no way in hell I was going to be able to create a custom fabric, but I found some Otomi look-alikes!


Wish there was a teal coloured one as well. Might have to choose turquoise instead.

So now I’m thinking that I can use these MUCH cheaper fabric alternatives to make into duvet covers for both girls’ beds.

And then I’ll have to find some art work and hopefully the too-small, too-difficult room will look somewhat nicer! I’m not sure how long it will all take, but when it’s done, I’ll post a picture of the after!


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