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Girls Bedroom Update

04 November 2013

Oh this blog hasn’t really taken off, has it?  Almost a couple of years later, I’m back and I thought I should at least provide an update on what has gone on with the girls’ room. 

Most of my ideas did come to fruition. The now 6 yr old definitely has her own bed. Unfortunately it’s not exactly the same bed as her sister’s because this time we opted for a bed with storage drawers at the bottom (it’s such a small room and storage for 2 girls is a challenge).  We did get some paint on – striped walls and all and the painted Ikea spice rack/ bookshelves went up a treat too. I went a different route for the bed linen though.

So this is what it ended up looking like.


Painted Wardrobe doors and painted Ikea spice rack bookshelves and a pretty little decal.

For the bed linen, I fell in love with another new trend, the Indian kantha. I got two matching aqua ones for the girls room and layered it on top of some beautiful Kas bedlinen. We also painted the stripes on the walls the same colour as the wardrobe doors on the other side of the room. 


Kas Bedlinen and Indian kantha quilts.

We probably need some sort of valance because the trundle bed, which doesn’t have a mattress but more storage boxes doesn’t look so good as it is. And a dresser in that middle space is definitely needed as well – the girls clothes and things are just overflowing!  Am looking into some Ikea or pine options as I definitely wanted to pain them too. Maybe a pastel green.

So what do you think?