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Wannabe photographer

29 December 2008

I can’t take good photos but I really want to. I’m thinking of taking some classes. Get up to speed with the technicalities of photography. So that i know the theory at least. But  really… not sure that will do me any good. I’m not being self-deprecating but I really don’t think I have the ‘eye’ for composing good photos. With such self-awareness, one would have thought that the decision to buy a top-of -the-range digital camera vs. a perfectly acceptable point and shoot would not have been so torturous. But I called every electronics retailer. I GRILLED the digital camera guys on the pros and cons of both cameras. I regaled them with tales of how I have used my camera to date and insisted that they make a recommendation. The thought process went like this: the point-and-shoot was good, the best in its category. Comes in funky colours even. But i WANT to take better photos. I might NEED a better camera. What if taking good photos can be learnt and I regret not getting the better camera. Then I called my husband and asked for his opinion. He pretty much decided it for me. He said – ‘You know me… I’d buy the more expensive, better camera. Take classes, take good photos. BUT, BUT, BUT, you’re a klutz. You’re going to destroy this camera like you’ve ruined the last one. Go with the cheaper one. DEFINITELY.’  Oh ye of little faith. Or does he just know me very well??