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Celebrating NYE – Mama stylee

31 December 2008

It’s Sydney. Great weather. New Year’s Eve. Young people are dressed up ready to have a great time and what am i doing? Back from the 9pm family friendly fireworks (which lasted all of 8 minutes) and already in my pyjamas, drinking some coca-cola so that I can stay up till midnight to watch the midnight fireworks on TV. But even that might not happen. I just may fall asleep before then. I blame it on my kids of course. But  it’s not them. It’s me. I could hire a babysitter and go out and paint the town red but all I can think of is that the streets will be so crowded, the transport situation so painful and that my bed and home are so much more comfortable. I am not above a late night, but it really has to be worth it. & not require too much effort! I wonder if this is just called getting old?